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Merlin Winter Safety Covers

During the winter months, there is no safer way to cover your inground swimming pool than with a safety cover. Safety covers ease springtime openings by blocking most sunlight during the winter to prevent algae growth and allowing water on top of the cover through to decrease cover weight. Merlin safety covers come with the longest warranties in the industry and are custom made to fit any pool regardless of shape or size.

For your convenience, Merlin offers a variety of options when it comes to safety covers. Choose between their Dura-Mesh, Solid, and patented SmartMesh™ covers depending on your preferences.

Dura-Mesh Covers

Merlin Dura-Mesh Covers consist of Merlin's standard mesh material. The covers are made of 5.6 oz. polypropylene mesh and nylon 2-ply webbing. The webbing is then anchored to solid brass deck anchors by high-tension stainless steel springs. Features of the Dura-Mesh Covers include:
* A choice between four different cover colors: green, blue, black, or tan.
* Dura-Mesh covers are approximately 33% stronger than industry standard mesh covers.

For more information about Merlin's Dura-Mesh covers, please visit their website.

Solid Safety Covers

The Solid Safety Cover has the same basic design as the Mesh cover, except for the difference in the covering material. The covering material is made of 11.5 oz. vinyl coated polyester material. Features of the solid safety cover include:
* A mesh drain panel to remove excess water from the cover surface.
* A choice of color between forrest green and royal blue
* Merlin Solid Safety Covers stretch taut across the pool; it does not rest on the surface of the water.
For more information about the Merlin Solid Safety Cover, visit the manufacturer website.

SmartMesh™ Covers

Merlin's SmartMesh™ covers are constructed with a patented mesh material with blocks 100% of sunlight without the weight associated with solid covers. Merlin's SmartMesh™ cover is always a highly recommended cover due to its high convenience.
* SmartMesh™ covers are 40% lighter than solid covers and block just as much sunlight.
* SmartMesh™ covers are available in three colors: green, tan, and blue.
* SmartMesh™ covers filter and keep out particles of an average size of 40 microns.
Visit Merlin's website for additional information about their SmartMesh™ covers.

Regular Winter Covers

We also offer regular winter covers and the necessary accessories to install them for in-ground pool owners looking for a less expensive winter cover and those with above ground swimming pools. Covers are available for above ground and inground pools of all sizes at our retail store. Regular winter covers offered in our retail store are manufactured by PoolStyle, a company renowned for quality. Covers are available in 10-year and 12-year limited warranties. PoolStyle demonstrates their confidence in cover quality by guaranteeing to replace any cover that suffers from a manufacturer defect for two full years after purchase date.

We offer the complete range of winter items necessary to close swimming pools for the season. Items we stock in our retail store include:
* Winterizing chemical kits
* Double-chambered water bags
* Regular Skimmer Gizzmos
* Blowout Skimmer Gizzmos
* Plumbing plugs
* Cables
* Cover Clips
* Air Pillows
* Submersible Cover Pumps

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